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You've Probably Had Worse Things in Your Mouth

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A place where you can share stories of food shame or pride, as well as post photos and links to beautiful, disgusting, bizarre, and rare food dishes, recipes, and cookbooks.

Let us savour it all!


-- If you are going to post please make it relevant to the community and not just something about how you made a pie and the pie turned out really super/awful and it made you happy/upset. We need more depth. We need it to be interesting. We want that pie filling, folks, not just the crust. What's more is we want that pie to be different and perhaps filled with something like persimmons, graham bits, and seven different kinds of mint jelly [just a suggestion].

-- Do not do an image search for some random strange food item then post it to the community. Again, what you post should have some meaning to you and you should explain this meaning. Give us the meat AND the potatoes.

-- Please do not ask questions such as, "What is your favorite chocolate chip recipe?" Not to degrade choco chips, but this question is boring and does not belong here. We are more interested in offbeat and colorful food-related questions, for example, "How far will I have to drive to thoroughly cook this chicken on the engine of my car?" Livejournal has plenty of other food communities where you can ask those run-of-the-mill how-to and recipe Qs. If this is the sort of information you seek or wish to share, then please, go there.

I am not trying to be some lj community fascist but if you do not follow these guidelines there is a good chance your post will be deleted. I just want Food-ish to remain focused. If you take issue with this feel free to message me and maybe we can start a healthy debate/exchange truce recipes/work things out. Fair enough? OK, thanks, everyone!